Register Your 1963 - 66 Wagonaire

To add your Wagonaire to the registry, please complete as much information below as possible. For your convenience, we have created a printable version of our form to help with the data collection for each vehicle.

None of your personal information will be visible on the website, only the city, state, and country where the Wagonaire is located. The details you submit will be emailed to the registry web master, Nick Dynis, who will update the site with your vehicle as soon as possible.

Since the 1963 Wagonaires are unique in that they are technically Larks, we encourage all owners to join the Lark Registry, as well. We are happy to forward your vehicle and contact information on to that registry on your behalf.  Simply select yes to that question at the bottom of the form.

Owner Information

The information below is used to contact you in case of an issue with your registration. Other than city, state, and country, none of the fields below are displayed anywhere on the website.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle History

Join the Lark Registry